I sit and write to you today, from my home on mount laundry. Surrounded by an army of dust bunnies. On the corner of Chaos Street and “If-I-have-to-Repeat-Myself-One-More-Time” Avenue. Our house is equipped with 4 young children (ages 9, 7, 5 and 3), 4 large dogs, 5 cats, and a bunny (it’s a long story). My husband and I, along with our pack, share a 1,750 square foot home that often seems to be busting at the seams. House cleaning? Well…

The Elusive “Clean House” Goal

Cleaning the house on a schedule and as a family is not doable. I’ve tried every Pinterest list out there and eventually we all lose our excitement and the cute, colorful cleaning list falls off the fridge and joins the “junk pile”. Our approach to a clean house is much more stressful. We do nothing until someone makes an announcement that a friend is coming over or I check the calendar and remember—oh crud, we agreed to host a family dinner! Then two hours before anyone shows up, we quickly: tuck the dust bunnies behind the TV and under the couch, hide all clutter in my office (it’s like a junk drawer, with a door) and give a thorough wipe down of the bathrooms. It’s “clean enough”, but not Cleaning by Knight clean.

What’s Your Level?

You heard that right—there are distinguished levels of clean. The house currently feels like a dusty-dog, hair-hoarding toy store. But Cleaning by Knight’s house cleaning service can take it to a level where anyone would feel completely comfortable with the “5 second rule”. My mom owns Cleaning by Knight and I often find myself cringing at the thought of her coming over to see just where I’ve hid the dirt, rather than eradicating it from my home. Mom did it all: raised four kids, juggled the schedules and had a REAL clean house when company visited. She was a Pinterest-cleaning-list legend, before Pinterest was even a thing.

Surprising Benefits of the Clean

If you’re like me, you also struggle with the daily grind of juggling a clean house and quality time spent with kids, school and family. Or maybe you just long to pursue those bucket list items. Either way, you may find a house cleaning service to be the answer to your prayers. These four “did you know” statements might just surprise you:

  1. It’s not that expensive–This is probably the number one reason folks shy away from having someone else do their “dirty work”. But you’ll find that it’s actually pretty affordable. Cindy and her crew are more than willing to work within any budget to ensure your priority cleans are complete.
  2. They do chemical-free cleans –If you’re really conscientious of the chemicals entering your home, cleaning products do not have to be one of them. (However, I do feel cleaner when I smell a hint of bleach… maybe it’s because of the five cats.) Whatever your need, Cleaning by Knight has the skill and knowledge to work with you.
  3. They have friendly schedules –Want to join their weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly schedule? No problem. You can get a regular time slot scheduled that fits with your life.
  4. Save the Stress –Having someone else tackle your dust bunnies—while you juggle the grocery shopping, sporting events, work schedules and vacations—means one less thing to stress over. And, when you get the inevitable “Hey, can we stop by?” or “Can we stay with you for the weekend?” text, a clean house will be the least of your worries.

Ready to get plugged in? Give Cleaning by Knight a call today at (541) 977-7654 or send them an email at cindyk@cleaningbyknight.com. They are quick to respond and happy to work up a free estimate for you. Soon you’ll be looking forward to a little less chaos and little more time back in your schedule.