It’s time.  No, not for home cleaning. Not yet. Instead, run to the store: buy LARGE moving boxes and a THICK black marker.  Come home, pour yourself a drink and label the boxes: Toss, Recycle and Donate.  Pour yourself another drink and then open the doors to whatever room, closet or drawers your hiding it.  What is “it”, you ask… You know: the “maybe-someday-I-might-need-this-I’ll-just-stuff-it-here” secret hiding place in your home.  The junk drawer, junk room, junk closet.

The Season of Clean

Here in Central Oregon, we’ve finally had seven consecutive days of decent weather, which means spring has officially arrived.  I think the impulse to want to clean, organize and purge my home during spring is nothing short of magical.  During the holiday months we are heavily persuaded to keep and hang onto everything semi-sentimental, but in spring–all bets are off. There is no greater rush than watching a load drive off to the dump or the local Goodwill.  I love being able to stand proudly (insert Superman pose here) admiring my newly uncovered real estate.  Take THAT, Clutter!

However, if this is a task in which you like the results more than the process, call Organize Plus. Jodi has the skill and energy to help you cast away the extra clutter whether your spring cleaning, preparing for a move, or just ready to downsize a little… or a lot.

Now What?

Now that the clutter is gone, what to do about these thick cobwebs that were hiding in the debris, the faded outlines of boxes in my carpets and walls, and the freshly uncovered (and might I add, downright dirty) baseboards and windowsills?  By the time I finish discovering all this new real estate, the LAST thing I want to do is scrub it.

This sounds like a job for none other than the best cleaning service in Bend Oregon: Cleaning by Knight.  If a weekly or monthly scheduled clean is not what you need and you’re looking for more of a one-time deep clean to help make your added space sparkle, pour yourself a third drink and call the crew at Cleaning by Knight. Their team is well equipped with all the tools needed to clean up any holiday glitter and grime left behind, and leave your home spick and span!

So what are you waiting for? Spring is HERE!