Growing up, I had a face that could swell shut at the mere mention of pollen. We lived in the middle of a wheat field, surrounded by tall grass and a dozen fruit trees. Spring and summer meant hours of playing outside with my two brothers and sister. By the time we came back for dinner, my eyes were swollen shut, breathing was a little weezy, my nose was running and my skin felt itchy all over.

Get Away From the Green

After a few years of living in the Oregon Valley, my family moved to Bend, Oregon. The desert-like climate gave me some relief from my allergies for a few years. However, as we acclimated to the new drier climate, so did my allergies.

I developed a whole new set of allergies—juniper trees, grasses—you name it. As they progressively got worse, my Mom’s drive to get me into see an allergy specialist increased. Turns out I tested positive to EVERYTHING and that includes all outdoor vegetation and all our pets indoors.

Glutton for Punishment

For an animal lover, not being around all our pets was NOT an option. Even now as an adult, I’m the instigator in acquiring new fur babies to adopt and bring into our home. We currently have:

  • 1 rabbit, which requires hay—aaachoo!
  • 4 dogs, which require lots of brushing in the spring/summer—aaachoo!
  • 4 cats that mostly reside outside, but during the winter most will seek shelter inside to get out of the cold—aaachoo!

Needless to say, between the pollen outdoors and the pet dander (containing pollen) indoors, if I’m not on top of my meds, I am miserable.

Safe Spaces Provided by a House Cleaning Service

One suggestion my allergist had was to make sure that I always had a “safe space” to get away from it all. A room that was clean and pets were not allowed to inhabit. Basically, a place where I could give my face a break from all the pollen and pet dander.

Keeping a safe space clean of dust, dander and pollen is near impossible to do on your own. As you turn on the vents for those summer and winter months to run your AC and heating, pollen and pet dander that otherwise would just lie dormant in your vents are now happily dancing around your home wreaking havoc on your sinuses. Not with Cleaning by Knight. Their cleaning standards help you control your environment and bring relief to your allergies with house cleaning targeted to liberate your sinuses.

Cleaning by Knight has earned a top-notch reputation for their cleaning services in Central Oregon. Customers continue to testify: CBK’s attention to detail is beyond any of their competitors.

This year, if you want to welcome spring and summer into your home (but with a few less Kleenex and a lot less sinus pressure) I highly recommend you contact Cleaning by Knight today. Trust me, your face will thank you!