I have a sneaking suspicion that there are many homes like our home in Central Oregon. It’s a place to sleep and occasionally eat a meal. But mostly, it’s an oversized storage unit (hopefully with A/C) that you use to keep track of all your stuff. Shoes, uniforms, backpacks and miscellaneous school papers litter the tables and countertops. And, without a house cleaner, it fails that “white glove” test on a regular basis.

It’s June, the end of school and sports are nearing. The kids have become pros at picking out their clothes in the morning from a large pile located in the middle of your master bedroom floor.  Socks—who has time to mate them? Not us… there’s a “sock basket” that has a permanent home next to the closet. We’re frantically signing off on homework, checks for school lunches and field trip slips with nothing more than a quick skim of the material as the kids run out the door to catch their ride.

The True Dirt

The end of a school year for us means we have one extra event—our oldest turns 10. Which means he gets to have his first “friend sleepover”.

As a family we can look pretty put together out on a baseball field or at a school function. I’ve bribed the heck outta the kids and threatened every toy they own would be sacrificed if there was not good behavior. But—within these walls we call a home, things can escalate quickly.

No one knows where their shoes are, my walls are DIRTY from dogs and kid fingers running up and down them, the wood floors are covered in dust and dog hair and you can barely see out my smudged windows. Whose idea was it to have this many kids and pets?  Oy vey (it was me, but we don’t need to dwell on that).

House Cleaning Scramble

One hour before kids and parents show up, my husband and I are running around like crazy people to bring our home up to a standard where someone would feel comfortable allowing their child to spend the night. We’re chasing dust bunnies and hiding stacks of papers in my office. We are piling the laundry into nice heaps on the bed with intentions of telling everyone, “we’re totally folding laundry tonight” (lies, all lies).

Party Ready with Cleaning By Knight

It doesn’t have to be this frantic though. Why stress on the state of your home? With a regular house cleaner service, your home can be “Cleaning By Knight clean” and get a fresh little face lift once a week. If you’re planning any end-of-school-year parties or birthday parties, take a minute and contact Cindy at Cleaning By Knight. Get your home on their summer rotation schedule. These slots tend to fill up fast—so what are you waiting for? Have a stress free summer AND a clean house. It’s totally possible!