It’s that time of year again for America’s favorite pastime: Baseball. Folks are breaking out their blankets, chairs, peanuts and cracker jacks. They’re ready to cheer on their favorite team and continue their quirky superstitions in the stands.

Timing and strategy are important in baseball–they can earn a win or cause a loss. One critical, poorly-timed decision can cost a team the game and derail their chances for a shot at the championship. The same can be said for your post construction cleaning crew. Bring them in too early and you risk costing your company extra money with repeat cleaning on the same floors, windows, and walls. But, bring them in too late, and you risk losing money while your investment sits empty (and potentially irking some clients along the way).

Each Position is Essential – Even in Construction

Every player works together to complete each play in baseball, and if one person is out of sync it causes problems. Cleaning By Knight is the post construction cleaning teammate you need. They not only assist with choosing the optimal time to schedule your clean, they get it done quickly and accurately the first time. They are a team of professionals you don’t have to stress over. Cindy at Cleaning by Knight often goes above and beyond during her post construction cleaning jobs by:

  1. Thoroughly understanding your post construction cleaning needs.
  2. Aiding in the coordination of sub-contractors.
  3. Helping you manage your property and who is given access to it.

It All Starts in Spring with the Clean

It’s no coincidence that baseball season starts in spring. Just like new construction, baseball is best when the weather is warm and the grass is green. It’s exciting to watch your favorite players come off the bench and give it their all in the field (or at a newly developed property). This season, don’t bench your closer. Request a free estimate or call Cleaning By Knight today at 541-977-7654, and schedule your post construction clean ASAP.

Cindy’s team will help you smash your current project out of the park leaving your fans and clients wanting more! What are you waiting for?