It felt like winter was never going to end. Can I get an Amen?

Airing Out the Winter Funk

My dust bunnies still have their winter fur and remnants of muddy snow shoes still outline the front entry. House cleaning has taken a back seat. I’m not afraid to admit it.  Six humans and their unreal number of animals should not be cooped up in a tiny home for this long.

Just recently we’ve finally been able to open the doors and windows for a day here and there, and it has really helped air out the winter funk from our Central Oregon home.

As I peel back the curtains on this sunny spring day, I find myself overwhelmed by all the dust glistening off the wood floors, fire mantel and entertainment unit.  It’s everywhere!  The dull glare was so bad, I was half tempted to just shut the curtains and bury myself under a pile of blankets.  Ignorance is bliss, right?

In fact, since my kids love to write their names in all the dust settled on the furniture, I could actually argue that my lack of cleaning is TRULY for their benefit.  Yea… let’s go with that.

The Groundhog’s True Fear

It wasn’t too long ago that my kids were learning about the groundhog and his legendary shadow. But I’ve been wondering… perhaps we’ve got this groundhog thing all wrong.  Maybe it’s not his shadow he’s afraid of; instead, he finally gets a clear view of his home and–BAM! Back indoors.  I think every household can sympathize.  If I had to open up my doors and windows to a crowd of cameras and iPhones every February 2, you could bet the farm we’d be extending winter every single year.

But rest assured dear Mr. Groundhog, we need not fear the end of winter and all the built-up muck.  Instead, your home can be camera-ready all year long. To keep the dust bunnies outside where they belong and the house grime-free, hire a house cleaning service like Cleaning by Knight.  With a regular cleaning schedule, keeping your house clean year round is easy-peasy!

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